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Employment for PhD holders in higher education research and teaching

Employment opportunities within higher education also vary. Post-doctoral research contracts, in a university, in the FNRS or in an “Haute Ecole”, can be either fixed term contracts or part-time and/or temporary contracts.   

Academic job openings

Academic job openings in the universities in the "Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles":

Academic and research job openings in the “Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles" are also posted here: Euraxess JOBS 

Academic job openings in France

Academic job openings in other countries: 


After successfully completing a doctorate, a researcher can apply for an FNRS post-doctoral fellowship. Their applications are considered by a panel of experts from their academic discipline. The panel ranks the candidates and presents this to the Board of the FNRS. Successful applicants will be employed as “collaborateurs scientifiques” for one or two years. 

These researchers can then progress to higher level roles; they are given permanent contracts if the panel approves of their progress. A career in the FNRS has three stages to it: "chercheur qualifié", "maître de recherches" and "directeur de recherches".

Application forms and entry requirements/rules are available on the FNRS website. All applications must be submitted before the 1st of February.  

The "Hautes Ecoles"

There are twenty six “Hautes Ecoles” in the Communauté française de Belgique.

Unsolicited applications are welcomed and encouraged! 

Post-doctoral research

The term post-doctoral research has a number of meanings. 

In its broadest sense, it means any type of fixed term contract taken on after the completion of a doctorate that allows for professional development or that enables a researcher to progress to a more senior role. The three-year long FNRS research posts fit this description. See this document for more information: "Règlements et formulaires/Dispositions réglementaires".

It can also simply refer to a research post given to a PhD holder for a short period of time which enhances their skills, taken on in a different university to that in which they did their doctoral research. There are job openings on the European Commission Mobility websites: Euraxess Jobs and Eures.

The following websites also advertise post-doctoral job openings: 

The "Gouvernement Fédéral" also provides grants encouraging Belgian researchers to return to Belgium after doing post-doctoral research (for up to two years) in a laboratory abroad, either within or outside of the European Union. The research teams in Belgian institutions that are most likely to accommodate researchers in this way are those within the “pôles d’attraction interuniversitaires” (inter-university hubs) or in research programmes funded by the "Autorité fédérale". 

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