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Creating your own job

A PhD holder can set up their own company, with guidance and support from a range of organisations and services.

Regional funding to set up research "spin-off" companies 

  • Wallonia 
  • The "RĂ©gion de Bruxelles-Capitale", via Innoviris, can support start-ups via their LAUNCH programme:
    • looking at the industrial and commercial operating conditions of research outputs, with a view to fostering new economic activity in the "RĂ©gion de Bruxelles-Capitale',
    • finalising the development of an innovative product, procedure or service based on the outputs of preliminary research;

Advice for setting up a company 

Enterprise incubators

Enterprise incubators provide a supportive framework for start-up incubation. They provide shared space, equipment and services, helping to spread the costs, and personalised specialist support at the outset and throughout the course of the company's development. 

They also build networks in which the entrepreneur can begin to access the wider networks which will provide even more support. 

  • Wallonia Biotech Coaching (WBC) is an incubator for biotchnology start-ups in the "RĂ©gion Wallonne".
  • SAACE ("structures d'accompagnement Ă  l'autocrĂ©ation d'emploi") is also in the "RĂ©gion Wallonne".
  • AWEX is a Walloon ICT incubator in Silicon Valley. 
  • Here's how to find an enterprise incubator in Belgium. 
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