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Doctorat.be is a website that provides information about doctoral research and that highlights the value of doctoral research. Its aim is to bring together three different groups of stakeholders: current and recently graduated doctoral researchers seeking employment, university staff responsible for doctoral training and CPD, and potential employers. The site hosts a large database of job adverts targeted at PhD holders, as well as the CVs of researchers who are seeking employment.

Doctorat.be provides unique services that other websites which post job adverts for researchers do not. We do not simply post the job adverts, but we also bring together the various stakeholders in person. 

  • We run events under the banner of [email protected], such as job fairs, workshops, seminars.
  • Doctoral researchers and PhD holders can get in touch with career counsellors by filling in a simple form on the website, and book one-on-one coaching sessions. During these sessions they are supported to carry out a skills assessment and to put together a bespoke career plan.
  • The website also acts as a hub for career counsellors, enabling them to share good practice. 
  • The final function of the website is to advertise the training initiatives organised by the doctoral schools in all of the universities in our network, and to put forward cycles of CPD which support the development of transferrable skills for researchers at different stages of the doctoral process.  

The main aim of Doctorat.be is to raise the profile of and add value to the skills and expertise acquired during doctoral research. The strands of our work are brought together on Doctorat.be, Belgium’s unique website dedicated to career development through research, to promoting the value of doctorates, and to supporting the integration of PhD holders into the job market. Focus Research, through Doctorat.be, works to improve the career prospects of doctoral researchers and PhD holders in a number of different ways, from outlining the range of possible career paths, to facilitating professional networking outside of academia, to improving the training available to them. 

The purpose of this website is to provide useful professional development information for researchers at every stage of their career:

  • For current doctoral researchers
  • For recent doctoral graduates transitioning into employment
  • For PhD holders looking for new employment opportunities
  • For the potential employers of PhD holders.



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