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Stages on your doctoral journey

First steps

Come up with a topic and find a supervisor who will agree to supervise your research, from writing a research proposal through to doing your viva and publishing your work. This supervisor must be affiliated with a university. 

Find a way to fund your doctorate:

  • submit your proposal to an institiution that awards doctoral grants;
  • get a research assistant post in a university;
  • join a research project that already exists;
  • enlist an industrial partner as a funder.

Supervision and Training 

A number of people will support your doctoral research. Your superisor, of course, provides much of the support that you will need, but you will also be supported in a variety of ways by other experienced researchers and experts from outside of the university, and by technical and administrative staff.

Doctoral researchers are also encouraged to attend professional development training sessions. 

It is a good idea to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each of these stakeholders explicitly, for example by filling out a doctoral agreement or a thesis charter (see this page of the FNRS website for a template: Ecoles doctorales du FNRS. This will greatly increase the likelihood that you will complete your doctorate successfully.  

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