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In Wich Sector ?

In wich sector ?

Recent PhD graduates: How and where to find a job 

The main goal of a PhD is to prepare you for a career as a researcher. Researchers work in a number of different sectors: 
    •   the private for-profit (business or services) or non-profit sector, 
    •   higher education and rsearch institutions (academia), 
    •   other public services,
    •   international organisations.

PhD holders play key roles in innovation, and can even set up their own companies

The majority of PhD holders, to differing degrees depending on their field, work outside of the university sector, in a wide range of high-level jobs. 
For that matter, the skills and expertise acquired while doing doctoral research adds value in a number of different ways. Skills that you develop throughout your years of graduate work (communication skills, IT skills, institutional knowledge, etc) can be put to use and developed in a very wide range of different careers. 
Recent PhD graduates, first of all, should choose what kind of environment they want to work in, and should ask themselves what kind of job they want to have. It is important to bear in mind that only a very small fraction of job openings are actually formally advertised, online or in print media.  


Our Who can help page provides information on the Career Advice services that can support you in your job search (skills assessment, CV clinic, covering letters, etc), and also to websites that help to match the CVs of PhD holders with advertised job openings (including doctorat.be). We also provide one-on-one career coaching sessions for PhD holders wishing to change career path. 

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